Adoption, how it works

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adoption how it goes
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Are you thinking about adopting a dog?

We offer a home at the shelter for the remainder of our dogs lives, but we prefer for them to have their own forever home. Each adoption is considered and treated according to the needs of the dog and the adoptee in order to guarantee the right person for our dogs.

Adoption process

  • Either by looking at the website, or visiting the shelter, we can hopefully help you find the type of dog you are looking for.
  • Once found, we will talk with you about the suitability of the dog for your requirements.
  • Please be honest about your circumstances,  and  home environment. For example you may be going on holiday and wish to reserve the dog until you return, or maybe you work full time , or have cats and other animals.  Our aim is to match up the right dog with the right person.
  • Once agreed that the adoption can go ahead , we ask you to sign a contract between us and you , to protect our dogs. We will keep a copy.
  • We need identification usually a residential  card or driving licence.
  • The adoption fee will, in most circumstances, be paid before the dog leaves.
  • You will be given a health card or passport, that has all the dog’s vaccinations recorded.
  • If a dog needs further vaccinations , just take the dog to be vaccinated, with the contract, to our vets. This is included in the adoption fee. We do not pay for ongoing vaccinations, just the initial ones.
  • All our dogs are wormed and deflead, we do not pay for further treatment, except in the case of puppies.
  • Generally all our dogs are sterilised, if not, this can be arranged the same way as a vaccination is arranged , by providing proof of a contract, an appointment can then be made with our vets. Again this is covered in the adoption fee.
  • All dogs are microchipped in our name, this needs to be changed into the new owners name, taking the contract to the vets, with the dog, as the microchip needs to checked, the vet will then change the chip details with Zoocan. You will be informed of these changes by post or via your phone.
  • If puppies have not received their 3rd vaccinations, they will not be microchipped or had a rabies vaccine. Take the puppy to the vets when due to be vaccinated, with the contract form , the vet will then give the vaccines, rabies and microchip. All covered by the adoption fee.
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"You can't change a dog's past, but you can rewrite the future."

Additional requirements

  1. You must be over 18 to adopt one of our dogs
  2. Can you provide shelter , warmth , love and understanding.
  3. Shelter dogs are not house trained, except if they have come from a home, time and patience will be required to train them. Dogs learn quickly. Puppies may take a little longer.
  4. Remember, puppies will chew. Make sure you have plenty of toys, preferably strong ones, without the squeak. Strong ropes are also available, saving your furniture and the odd shoe from destruction.
  5. Dogs need vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, and food, it all costs money, consider your financial situation before adopting.
  6. Tenerife has Filaria, transmitted by the mosquito, its important to give your dog monthly treatment to prevent this. Your vet will give you your options, many combination therapies are available.
  7. If you run into difficulties of any kind , and need advice , we are always here to help.


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