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We offer a home at the shelter for the remainder of our dogs lives, but we prefer for them to have their own forever home. Each adoption is considered and treated according to the needs of the dog and the adoptee in order to guarantee the right person for our dogs. Adoption is a process that requires some key points. 
Please check our Adoption page.

I would like to come to the shelter but I am scared of big dogs...

We make our system of gates as safe as we possibly can, we are working with animals after all.

Sometimes at the shelter it means walking past the kennels, where the bigger dogs are. Dogs in kennels bark and sometimes jump up at fences, its the excitement of a new face, a possible treat or even a walk. Its not who they really are.

If this is still an issue, why not speak with a member of staff? We can organise for you to meet the dog your interested in, in a quieter location, away from the kennel area.

I am allergic to long haired dogs, but would love to adopt a dog. How can i do this?

The first thing is to research what breeds are less likely to cause this problem. That will give you an insight to which type of dog would be best suited to your needs. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please contact us for further advice.

Sometimes a two week trial is available, depending on circumstances. This is arranged between yourself and our President Mark.

Do you have cats?

Unfortunately at the moment we only work with dogs , the contacts below are the organizations that work with cats

K9 . Phone + 34 667638468 or Messenger on Facebook

4A rescue. Via Messenger on Facebook

Kittykatz. Messenger on Facebook. Alternatively catladyclaren@gmail.com

Cat’s welfare. Sharon +34 662 52 40 06 Preferably by WhatsApp.

MADAT . Regina + 34 673 73 93 40 . Preferably by WhatsAPP

I will be looking for a smaller dog, how can i do this?

Searching our website is the first point, so you have an idea which dog you are interested in.

Volunteer job

All the information about how you can help us is on our get involved page. However this  FAQ page may help. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

volunteer job

We would like to volunteer whilst travelling, do you offer accommodation?

Unfortunately we have no accommodation to offer. However, if you are able to secure accommodation nearby, we would love to see you .

I am scared you will give me a dog that is too strong

Come to the refuge on dog walking days. Please speak to the member of staff who is organising the walking that day , explain the situation and an appropriate dog will be given to you to walk . We have have all shapes and sizes .

We are coming to Tenerife on holiday, and would like to volunteer at the refuge, how do we do this?

We always welcome an extra pair of hands . Just turn up on dog walking days , introduce yourself, and we will take it from there.

We appreciate the gift of your time whilst on holiday, so do our furry friends.

I am unable to walk far, but would love to volunteer for other jobs in the refuge, how do i do this?

For some people , with health concerns, dog walking, especially in the heat is not always possible or advisable.
However we do have other things you could be doing, ranging from cleaning and feeding, to grooming and just being with a nervous dog, to name a few.
Come on dog walking days and speak with our President, Mark, to see what is available.

I want to come to the refuge, but I don’t speak Spanish, who do I contact?

No problem at all , we have a team of multilingual people. Language is no barrier, come to the refuge at opening times and we will find the appropriate person.

Animal rescue

We are in Tenerife. Our dog shelter, located near Parque de la Reina, is a place where our animals find a temporary home during their stay with us.

Do you help with cats?

We get a lot of requests to rehouse cats, or people looking to adopt cats and kittens.

We do not have the facilities to meet these requests. There are other charities on the Island who have cat shelters, and some that deal with kittens specifically.

We never turn our backs on a sick and injured animal, regardless of species, however we often we have to pass any requests on to people who have the facilities and expertise to help .

Organisations that deal with cats , and the best way to contact them.

K9 . Phone + 34 667638468 or Messenger on Facebook

4A rescue. Via Messenger on Facebook

Kittykatz. Messenger on Facebook. Alternatively catladyclaren@gmail.com

Cat’s welfare. Sharon +34 662 52 40 06 Preferably by WhatsApp.

MADAT . Regina + 34 673 73 93 40 . Preferably by WhatsAPP

I have found a dog in the street, i think its lost or abandoned, what can i do?

Firstly we need an exact location if at all possible, with a description of the dog. The dog may not be abandoned , and its possible it has already been reported as being lost.

Please contact us, we will decide the best course of action , based on the circumstances.

We always aim to remove a dog from the street as soon as possible .

We always post on facebook that a dog has been found , in the hope of locating the owner.

Mistreating dogs

Unfortunately we have no legal authority to deal with people abusing animals, but your local police and Seprona do, please do not turn your back on an animal that is being mistreated. You need report it immediately. 
Contact your local police and they will deal with the situation, if they feel the animal should be removed they will contact a shelter directly.
If you need to speak to our president Mark please whatsapp him at +34652 29 78 53.

I want to come to the refuge, but I don’t speak Spanish, who do I contact?

No problem at all , we have a team of multilingual people. Language is no barrier, come to the refuge at opening times and we will find the appropriate person.

My dog is lost, can you help?

We have many followers on Facebook and posting as much information as possible will help to try and locate your dog. Facebook is the best social media for reaching many people.

We need age, sex, colour, breed, chip/no chip , wearing a collar etc.

Most importantly we need the location where the dog was lost, and if there have been any sightings since.  Plus a contact number.

The more information we can have, the better the chance of finding your dog.

Other options include contacting other shelters in the area and the local vets.

If your dog is chipped alerting Zoocan will highlight the dog is lost.

Other Faqs

You have all the information of the ways you can help us in the page Get involved. But here you are the common faqs.


A neighbours dog is constantly barking, can you speak to them please?

We have no authority to enter a persons property unless accompanied by the police. Generally speaking most people will resolve the issues by communicating with each other. If this is not an option , or the communication between you is not working, the next step is to speak with the local police.

We are relocating abroad, we want to take our dog, can you help?

We are not in a position to help financially. However we do have a lot of experience with sending our own dogs abroad. If you would like more specific information, please contact us (see contact us page).

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