Leyla  came to us from another association, which did not have a history for her . What we do know is that Leyla is very friendly and sociable, and is great with people. She lives happily with other dogs and is very easy going. She is another one that adores to be fussed, and quickly learns […]


Dulce was found wandering the streets, we waited for someone to claim her but unfortunately , like many, it did not happen, so we assume she was abandoned. She is such a sweet natured girl, being young she is still full of fun. She adores people and loves to be fussed. She is very good […]


Originally this dear boy was given to a lady for temporary foster care. When she asked to owner to take him back , he replied no “ put him to sleep ” . This is not only unacceptable , but totally unbelievable that someone would treat a beautiful dog this way.    Joel is an […]


Caught in the water purification station next to the refuge , how he got in there we don’t know not know . From the beginning he proved to be friendly and sociable. We do not think has had a bad life previously as he arrived healthy and well fed, so we assume just abandoned, no […]


Allegra came from another association, unfortunately few records were kept , so we do not have any history for her. What we do know about Allegra is that she is one of the happiest in the refuge. If she could smile she would. She is a little shy at first and will often bark at […]


Bonny was found with 6 puppies . She was such a good mum, not able to get food herself , she made sure her puppies were cared for. She went into foster care with her babies, who are now weaned. It is Bonny’s turn now for the chance of a good life, her very own […]

Niña , at peace now .

She came to us after we were asked for help from El Hierro where she has had a dreadful life . Amanda gave her a home where she enjoyed her remaining years . Today we say goodbye to this brave little lady, the cancer was no longer controlled. You are going to be missed Nina. Run […]

lily adopted.

Our beautiful lily was recently adopted . We couldn’t be happier for her , often passed by for some unknown reason, she finally landed on her paws. Live your best life little lady .

Celine adopted

Celine has had her lucky break and is off to pastures new. Her sister Celia is still waiting for her chance of a new home.

Jax adopted .

Jax is off to experience new adventures . His brothers sparky and casper are still waiting for their forever homes. Have a greta life little man.