Katy adopted.

It did not take long for these guys to fall in love with Katy, off to new adventures little one , enjoy.

Marshall adopted .

Young Marshall has not been with us very long, now he is off to his forever home. We are certain he will have plenty of human playmates.

President Statement : Live PAWS Rescued Animals Tenerife.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us over the last few weeks. As you all know, the fire at the refuge recently meant the emergency evacuation of our dogs.  This was a multi-discipline rescue, despite the intense heat and smoke, rescuers repeatedly went back to remove all animals from danger, placing […]

Sky adopted

The second of the puppies abandoned in the mountains has been adopted. Sky is off travelling , so once her passport is sorted , she will be off living her best life. We are sure she will have many adventures.

Lucy adopted

The first of three pups in this litter has been adopted. Young Lucy is off to enjoy many adventures. Her brothers are waiting for their new life, we hope they get their forever homes soon.

Lauren adopted

When Lauren came to us she was in a very poor condition. She had been used a puppy machine, and when she could no longer be of use, she was discarded. She smelt of urine , having been left in her own mess. Long nails and dirty ears, we immediately took her to Catfiras , […]

Anita adopted .

Dear Anita first came to us as an extremely scared young dog. Celine , one of our volunteers , took her home. The plan was short term foster, however Anita has decided to stay.! We had a feeling that Celine would not give her back, lucky Anita has landed on her Paws.

Jasmine, Julie and Amilcare .

Having a great life in Italy. It is always lovely to see how wonderful their lives have become. Thank you Podenco’s for Life in Italy for their chance at a new start. They are all clearly vey happy.

Lily is ready for the carnival.

Lily is young and a real sweetheart . Nothing seems to phase her. Friendly and playful , she is ready for her forever home. Please see her profile for more information.

Lobo has a new lease of life.

When Lobo left to go to Holland, we were all a little sad to see him go. He was getting on in years and we did not want him to spend any longer in the refuge than he had to. Thank you Dogateers United in Holland for helping to make his life a happy one. […]