Dogs are always active

We always keep moving

Our dogs are always active and playful. To meet all their needs we have learned to never stop. Check our blog to stay updated on all the news.

A hard week at the…

Many many tears have been shed this week at the refuge as we said goodbye to Pirata, Siara and Oscar.

Thinking of fostering? watch this…

When we saw this video it sums up everythoing we feel when we foster a dog. We would like to

Farewell to our Siara

On Saturday we had to make the decision to say farewell to our lovely Siara. Diagnosed a few months ago with

Pirata , rest in peace…

It was with great sadness and a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to Pirata this week. We

Fly free Oscar.

Oscar had been in foster for over three years, with a family who loved and treasured him. His last years

Live Paws short video.

We were so lucky to have met Jonathan who had flown over from the UK ,

Thank you veronica strip workforce

Thank you Liam and Emily and the crew of workers In Veronicas strip. Working hard at night , getting home

Rest in peace our beautiful…

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we bring this news today, our beloved Agat has passed

Some dogs just love to…

Our video maker Jhoa, is very creative , we are now sure she dances with the dogs when we are

Fiesta Tuesday , dog walking…

Our dogs love to celebrate the holidays, and the staff make sure they have a few extra treats. Come and

Just chilling

Relaxing is the order of the day , pictured here are our lookalikes Siara and Bear . Come and see

Guapilla had 6 pups on…

We have done well with memorable dates, pups born Christmas day , and New years eve. Guapilla just missed Valentines

11 puppies arrive at the…

When these gorgeous pups arrived at the shelter, the first thing we had to do was vaccinate , worm and

The importance of microchips ,…

Morena escaped from her home last Friday, many people have been searching everywhere for her. Today we had the fantastic

Vaccination Programme

Saturday saw one of our busiest days with our annual vaccination programme. A huge thank you to Elena and Pilar

Dog walking

💪💪 ALL HANDS ON DECK 💪💪 Let's get the dogs walked! If you can't walk the dogs, come down and

Romance at the Refuge

This video is short, but then so is Cooper, he has the shortest legs in the refuge !! Cooper is

In loving memory

In loving memory of dear Arturo, who passed away last night, after a short illness. Our thoughts are with his

Another successful operation, Orion’s story

Orion came to the refuge when his previous owners were no longer able to keep him . German Shepherds are


Nube, meaning cloud in Spanish, has been adopted. The couple who were interested in her waited 3 weeks, and visited

Monday is fundraising day

Monday is fundraising day. The Tocina Bar in costa del silencio , fundraise for Live Paws every Monday from 6

Monday is fundraising day

Monday is fundraising day. The Tocina Bar in costa del silencio , fundraise for Live Paws every Monday from 6

Thank you Clouseau’s

After only having our collection tins for a few months Clouseau’s have raised 49.20 for us . We are very

Thank you St Andrews restaurant.

Thank you St Andrews for raising 544e for us on Saturday night. With ever increasing expenditures , we greatly appreciate

A valuable friend.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has very kindly donated a pallet of dog food to us. Thank you so

Thank you all for your…

We are so grateful for the donations that you all so kindly collected for us. Running a shelter for unwanted

Thank you Mercadona and ADEPAC

  We want to say a huge THANK YOU ADEPAC for organising AND MERCADONA for their hospitality yesterday in Parque

Koala Event

A huge thank you to those who supported us this week in Koala. The kind donations of money , food

Ticino Bar , once again…

A special guest made the evening at the Ticino Bar another success , making as well as playing the violin,

Ticino Bar donation.

Today we received another donation from the Ticino bar restaurant , of 100e. Every Monday they hold a fundraising event

Thank you Sarah

Sarah, one of our volunteers raised a280e for us at her bar over the weekend. Many thanks Sarah, with so

Thank you Jacky

Its was a very kind gesture of 100e donation today , plus new blankets. Jacky adopted Ronnie some time ago,

Tommy watching the planes

6 months ago Tommy couldn’t see . Thanks to Lourdes our ophthalmologist, his sight has been restored, and is now

Peter, now Cartouche, watching the…

Cartouche, { peter} was one of those dogs that always seemed to get bullied , despite our best efforts to

Happy first birthday Toby

When its your first birthday its difficult to know what to expect. We don’t think Toby will be disappointed with

Happy birthday Bruno

Another birthday recently , but what great control Bruno has sitting patiently for his birthday treat, we hope he enjoyed

July, funny podenco

July , one of our Podencos , who is having a wonderful life in Italy, just couldn’t work out who

Pluto , from rags to…

Poor pluto had a hard life, brought from El hierro after being rescued in appalling conditions, he just couldn’t settle

Billy having a great time.

Billy was one of our bigger dogs, who are not always easy to rehome. However having the space for a

Sarah, doing great .

Sarah was recently adopted and will soon be off to Lithuania. In the meantime she is enjoying life here in

Toby, is very happy .

Toby, one of our smaller dogs, shared his kennel with two larger dogs, so he always seemed to be underneath

Messi came to visit

Messi , one of Noela’s pups, recently came to visit us recently , he is unbelievably well trained and was

Yago, he thought he had…

Yago was recently adopted in Belgium , via Dogateers. His new life of luxury is something every dog would like,

Little Adri, enjoying life in…

Adri, went to Germany as a young pup. Although he is still a young man, we were surprised to see

Oscar, foster for life .

Its always nice to hear from our foster carers, and receive videos and photos. Oscar is 12 years old now

Pirata , still enjoying life

Those of you who know Pirata, were devastated when the outlook for him was at maximum 6 months. That was

Canela , just needs her…

When Canela came to us, like the others she was with , she just didn’t understand

Cacao , a snap shot

Cacao has turned into the lovely dog we knew he always was. Initially, because of fear, we

Patch loves water

Patch absolutely loves water. We leave water available for our dogs, at different points on the dog walking route. However

Tommy has his vision back.

Tommy, the sweetest natured Sharpie has his sight back. Tommy was operated on by Lourdes, an ophthalmologist from the North.

Gofio is doing well

Young Gofio is a funny little man, barking at you in the kennel and wagging his tail at the same

Bob visits us before he…

A little while ago we wrote about Bob, the pointer with Ataxia. We think he contracted Parvo virus as a

Lia adopted

Rachel and Steve , volunteers who do so much for the refuge, couldn’t pass Lia by any longer . So

Penny and bubbles arrive safely…

Penny and Bubbles said farewell to Tenerife on Saturday , off to start a new life in Holland. They both

Harry adopted

Harry came to us about 2 years ago, unfortunately filaria positive. Because of his age we decided  to treat him

Littlest pup, Flica, gets a…

What a pick me up to see this little pup adopted. Being the smallest pup, she was always shy and

Bear adopted

Bear was found wandering in Vilaflor, despite the poor treatment he had received in  the past, he just got on

Taco adopted

It always surprised us that Taco had been passed by . Maybe due to his size?who knows. His luck changed

Dakota and Ohio adopted

We were so pleased when Alexandra  decided to take not only Dakota , but also Ohio her sister as well

Cosita adopted

Cosita, now called Purdy, was found scared and confused, wandering the streets. Having no microchip we couldn’t trace her owners.

Gofy adopted.

Foster carers are a god send, especially for a dog like Gofy. For the past year , due to Kennel

Dani adopted

Dani wasnt on the website for long before he was reserved. Dani the last of Noela’s pups, our christmas day

Nico adopted .

When Nico first came to us , he was scared and defensive, and suffering with heart worm. Being small ,

Buddy adopted

Spots before our eyes ! Buddy the Dalmatian was only with us a short while, when he was spotted ,

Fito adopted


Yago adopted

Yago is off to Belgium, what a great opportunity for him, a new life in a new country. His two

Marley Adopted

Young Marley, another lucky pup, has his forever home. He is off to a better life. Lets hope his brothers

Cassie adopted.

Cassie has been on trial for a few weeks, and has now been officially adopted. We knew once your new

Reina Adopted

Reina, Spanish for Queen, has settled nicely into her new life in Holland. She is still the Queen, and is

Pluto adopted

Pluto was another of our dogs from El Hierro, suffering from neglect. His eyesight had been affected and he is

Coco Adopted

Coco came over from El Hierro originally, and he didn’t have the best start in life, but look at him

Sarah adopted

Sarah has landed on her paws. It was hard for this young couple to decide between Sarah and her Sister,

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