Dogs saved from poor conditions


WARNING the video contains footage that is upsetting. 

No sooner had Rex left , the next case came in , literally that afternoon. A lady who was asked to take puppies , quickly realised that 5 other dogs needed help. Chained , neglected, covered in fleas and ticks , she negotiated with the owner to take them all. The babies were also in an appalling state, he just didn’t care. The ones that were free had to be trapped as they were scared of people . After a special bath and treatment at Catfiras they came to the refuge . We will get them back to good health, they are very anaemic. The pups are in foster, it’s touch and go for a couple of them due to the conditions in which they were found . We will keep you updated. 

The question on everyone’s one’s lips is  WHY such cruelty ? Suffer no more little ones, you are safe now. 

Dogs looking for a forever family