Happy New Year 2024, to all our volunteers, sponsors and donors.


It’s been a hard year for most refuge’s. Many abandoned and unwanted dogs have passed through our gates at an alarming rate this year, including a record number of puppies.

Many sad stories , broken legs, injured or sick dogs, have taken a toll on our finances.

However we also have a bright side. The generosity and kindness of a volunteers , sponsors and donors have helped us through these difficult times.

John and his family from the Uk donated 3,000 Euros, they have already donated a further 500 to the Podenco with a broken leg. This will cover our vets bills for November , for which we cannot thank you enough .

Amanda , Rachel and Anita , organised a christmas stall , which raised 246 euros. A lot of effort Ladies and thank you, with 3 dogs on expensive special diets , this will go a long way to seeing us through December .

Sarah organised our Christmas Party, a big thank you to our hosts Princess Di’s , who paid for the entertainment , and raised 640euros . The money will pay for our food bills in December , which averages around 1,000 euros a month.

Louise and Lisa who adopted puppies from us , donated a hamper and raffled it off , raising 205 euros. This money will go towards our puppy food and bottled water for them. Thank you ladies.

Clouseau’s bar kindly sold tickets for another donated hamper raising 227 euros . Thank you Louise and the staff who continue to support our dogs. This money will go towards our bottled water, as very often our drinking water is not fit for purpose.

There are more working in the background to help our fur family, Gunn and Matts, people who wish to remain anonymous, many supporting us through out the year.

We would like to thank you all for everything you do to keep our heads above water, without you , goodness knows how we would function . We continue to battle against ever increasing costs, but when we see so many dogs find their forever homes, where they know love and kindness, it’s worth the fight.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Dogs looking for a forever family