Meet Lola

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Name: Lola
Age: 28/09/2017
Gender: Female
Size: Small

History: Lola arrived at a finca , clearly lost, and without a microchip.

About: Lola is full energy and enthusiasm, always busy, she just likes to know what is going on.

Lola is one of those dogs who doesn’t do her self any favours in the kennel environment , simply because she wants to be the first to greet you, and pushes the others away.Once she is out and about , she is a different dog.

She is well behaved on the lead, but can get distracted by other dogs and people, infact , she is just plain nosey, investigating everything.

Lola likes to protect us all, as she would her own family , a very loyal dog.

We would love to see her find a permanent home, because she would bring so much pleasure to whoever adopted her.

If you want to meet this fantastic pet you can come to the shelter, for any other question you can contact us. For donations or promoting you can check our Donation page, if you are thinking in adoption please check Adoption & Foster Program page.

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