President Statement : Live PAWS Rescued Animals Tenerife.


We would like to thank all those who have helped us over the last few weeks. As you all know, the fire at the refuge recently meant the emergency evacuation of our dogs. 

This was a multi-discipline rescue, despite the intense heat and smoke, rescuers repeatedly went back to remove all animals from danger, placing them in the many hands waiting to take them to safety. 

Our regular volunteers and team were constantly reassuring and coercing frightened animals from their enclosures. They tirelessly spent days and nights co-ordinating the foster carers and searching for those on the missing lists, not stopping until all were accounted for. 

We still haven’t stopped searching for Oscuro and we won’t until we find him, thank you to everyone who has supported us in trying to locate him.

Catfiras, our Golf Del Sur based vets who arrived on the scene and treated our dogs and who continued to do so, free of charge, as and when a dog needs treatment. 

Other refuges immediately offered help; K9, Valle Colina, Sirius, Tenerife Horse Rescue, and many more. Private boarding kennels; Diggers Den, Mascotas and VIP Boarding Kennels who all opened their doors to take dogs. The response of people to take dogs into their own homes was overwhelming . 

The constant support from overseas, financially or helping to re home our dogs, Dogateers United in Holland and Podencos For Life in Italy. Others too numerous to mention, from many countries, who have their own shelters to support, gave to us, their generosity was heartwarming. 

Youngsters who became involved, Jill and the children from Wingate School, Daisy who made and sold bracelets, Emilia who made and sold cookies, all raised funds. 

The Bomberos De Tenerife who went in to the dangerous situation, adminst the explosions heard by all, they returned with as many animals as they could possibly rescue. The police officers who went into the areas to remove animals and help to capture those who were loose. The helicopter pilots who tirelessly flew over every 2 minutes strategically dumping water to put the fire out so we could return to the refuge. All were incredible in their humanity. 

To those who couldn’t reach us but quickly started to find a way to help us by finding blankets, food and towels. Who offered their help and were on constant standby, ready for when we needed them .

Without asking, people sprung into action to help raise funds for us. The fire started on the Thursday and by Saturday The Globe, Camping Nauta had organised a big event . Artists from all over the island sang, free of charge, generous gifts were given to raffle off, all which led to an amazing €16,000 raised. This included a €5000 donation by the Lions Club to be shared between us and Esperanza Del Sur. 

There were many more bars, restaurants and individuals who donated or raised via buckets on bars, scratch cards, raffles, YouTube channels, Go Fund Me pages, even our kind anonymous busker who donated €500 from his work. 

Bars, restaurants, vets and businesses who opened their doors to act as drop off points for food, water and blankets, so very grateful for your help.

Thank you to all those who worked in the background, giving and doing what ever they could.

The overwhelming love for our animals and the work we do goes beyond words, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the humanity, kindness and actions of the animal lovers on this island and abroad. 

We were fortunate that our refuge only suffered smoke damage, as the wind was in the right direction during the fire and it was daylight. Many arrived to help clean after we were allowed back into the refuge. 

The fire took 8 days to extinguish, however still smoulders so the refuge still smells of smoke .

Thankfully we had the foresight to install a gate at the back of the refuge, so we could reach the animals in case of such an emergency. Without this our dogs would have possibly perished.

So to conclude, a decision has been made with thanks to the generosity of everyone, we are now in a position to make changes to the land of the entire refuge.

We have agreed with Esperanza Del Sur, who we rent our land from, that we will buy the land and take over the care of all the animals on site. We are currently still raising funds to achieve this, the details of which we will keep you informed of. 

We want a refuge for all animals in the future, an animal sanctuary.

We wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for every single act of kindness and generosity. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

With sincere and grateful thanks .

Mark Van Den Reek, President of Live PAWS and his team .

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