Rex’s journey


Please read Rex’s story , so many like him need help.

Today is the last treatment for Rex before he travels to the United Kingdom .

Rex arrived at the shelter broken, both mentally and physically, having spent the eight years of his life on a chain. He received no love or comfort, and had no friends , human or canine . 

If Rex could speak he would say thank you to the team at Catfiras, who restored his physical health to what it is today. To the fund raisers who work tirelessly, and to the donors who give what they can to help pay for his treatment. 

He would say thank you to the staff and volunteers at Live PAWS , who showed him love, care and attention, treating his wounds , and teaching him that not all humans are bad. 

To the dog walkers who took him out , slowly and gradually building his strength  so he could walk again. 

Most of all he would say thank you to the person who negotiated his release with the previous owner. To Mark ,our president, who took him into the shelter and authorised the process to aid his recovery. 

Tomorrow David and Donna will collect Rex to transport him to the U.K. we know he is in safe hands. He is going to a wonderful couple who saw beyond his age and infirmities. 

There will be tears shed when you leave us Rex, we will miss your antics with the water bucket, but most of all we will miss you. 

Your new life is about to begin, you will have a new family who will continue the love and care you truly deserve. Your very own home and your very own basket. 

We will be sending you on the next part of your adventure with love and best wishes, from everyone involved in your recovery. 

Safe journey Rex , to a beautiful soul who we had the pleasure to meet. 

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