Sponsor a dog


Sponsorships help all dogs who come to Live PAWS, by offsetting the costs of providing food, shelter and veterinary care.

How to sponsor

It’s easy to sponsor a dog. Simply click on any dog’s photo on our adoption pages, and you’ll see the “Sponsor Me” link appear below the animal’s picture. The cost is just 10€ a month, and every cent helps the dogs in our care.

If you prefer to sponsor a dog in person, contact us for information about how to do that.

Why sponsor a dog?

Would you like a dog, but your landlord won’t let you adopt? SPONSOR!

Do you love animals, but can’t have one because of allergies? SPONSOR!

Do you already have a full household, but you’ve seen that special animal you’d like to help? SPONSOR!

Are you looking for a meaningful birthday or anniversary gift for yourself or someone else? SPONSOR!