Atigrado and his brother Oscuro came to us when they were found wandering the streets . Atigrado is more sure of himself, than his brother oscuro. He is very obedient ,and walks off the lead , it wouldn’t take long with a new owner to gain his trust. He stays with Celine on their walks […]


Augustin was found as a puppy , with his brother Ricardo, in the Guaza mountains. He enjoys life at the refuge, but he would be even happier if he could find his forever home. Having has a joyful personality, and people enjoy walking him. Going for walks is his favourite activity, like most dogs, if […]


Chiara lived in a house where she never went out, was abused , often not being fed. Although Chiara is a bundle of muscle, she is so gentle with it . She is great with people but can be selective with some dogs. Chiara adores being fussed now, having originally come to us very very […]


Gloria was brought to Live Paws with her nine gorgeous puppies, and her companion, Dolly. Gloria has a lovely nature, she demonstrated this when she allowed Dolly, who had lost her own pups, to share maternal duties. She is such a gentle, sweet natured, friendly dog, and would make a devoted companion. Gloria gets on […]


Odette, one of Perri’s pups, was returned to the refuge as the owners didn’t have time for her. She was hand reared, as Perri was unwell, so she absolutely loves company. Starved of affection when she was adopted, has made a difference to her. Odette will display over the top affection for any one willing to spend […]


Lara was found wandering outside the refuge , so we assume she was left there. She made herself at home straight away, and her sunny nature meant that she quickly settled into the routine in the refuge. Lara really loves being with people, and loves the attention that she gets from the volunteers. Belly rubs […]


Nina was originally adopted from the refuge, but sadly her new owner became ill and had to move house. Reluctantly , she was returned, as the new landlord did not allow dogs. Nina  just takes it all in her stride , it makes no difference who she shares her kennel with . She instantly gets […]


Oscuro was found in Las Chafiras with his brother wandering the streets. There is little to choose between Oscuro and Atigrado, always together, and very similar in character .Oscuro is not as sure of himself, unlike his brother. He is very obedient ,and walks off the lead . It wouldn’t take long with a new […]


Patch was found wandering in the streets, and brought to the refuge. An outgoing personality, Patch just wants to make friends with everyone he meets. He is a little bouncy in his kennel, but soon settles down out on his walk. He displays sheer excitement, especially meeting new people . Good with other dogs, he […]


Shiva’s previous owner lived in a cave and was no longer able to care for her, she joined us, living happily with Oscuro and Atigrado. Suffering from glaucoma in her right eye, which had to be removed, the other eye wasn’t affected. She really enjoys playing, with adults, children and her canine companions. She loves […]